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Standup Paddleboard Yoga

Step off the mat and onto a floating studio where you can practice in rhythm with the water. Breathe in the fresh air and move gently with the crystal clear surroundings of Lake Tremblant, flowing through yoga poses on your floating mat - a BOGA Yoga paddleboard. The principle is simple: finding your symmetry and balance in order to go fully into the postures.


Basic stand up paddle instruction will be given at the beginning of class, but don't worry -- the learning curve is quick. Your senses will be heightened as you find your alignment in complete connection with nature.



In order to schedule an outdoor expedition you must purchase a Sage, Seeker or Pilgrim ticket for the day you plan to participate. Please check the scheduler first to ensure that space is available.


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Parcours Adventure

The Parcours Adventure course has a mix of suspended bridges, ladders, nets, obstacles and zip lines. The two first courses are for beginners, the third one is intermediate with more physical obstacles, and the last one is the zip line course. The duration of the activity is max 2 hours.


The course is set up in Mont-Tremblant National Park, the very first of the province and the biggest, with a total of 1500 square kilometers and over 400 lakes. Parcours Adventures asks for your help in preserving this national treasure.


The expedition involves an initiation, where the instructor will demonstrate how to handle the equipment. Then, you'll do a practice run under the supervision of an instructor. After that, you'll be ready to practice the course on your own, but guides will be present for any assistance.


Parcours Adventure is offering a 20 percent discount to all Wanderlust Tremblant attendees during the festival dates.


Note: This activity requires some physical exertion and takes place 25 to 60 feet above ground. Leave the flip flops behind, and come prepared with running shoes, comfortable work-out clothes, and elastics to tie back long hair!

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